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Hello world! DEALS ARE FUN!

Hello Everyone that decided to actually read my blog. As you probably don’t know but soon will….. My brother is Phyrcracker93 (who writes the Lee Legacy) and he doesnt shut up about sims 3 and said I should make a legacy and I will be able to use this to get him to do what I want…. so here it goes I don’t know if mine is going to be as interesting as his but……. getting him to do what I want is good enough for me. hehehehehe.

Anywho I had asked my Dad to give me a random word which I will then translate to Chinese (asians are the best!!!!!!!!!!!). the word my Dad had chosen was flatulence (totally random I know…) Which is going to be the last name for my awesome asian legacy family. The translation is Zhang Qi (pronounced zhahng shee). it is going to be a pastryarchy…. wait what was that bro???? its actually patriarchy not pastryarchy.

I actually have no idea what the story is about but as i play I will be creative, Here We Go!

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